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  • GPU Powered Terrain Generation with Realtime Capabilities (PROFESSIONAL VERSION ONLY)

Terrain generation is entirely performed on your graphics card making it about 1000 times faster than performed on the CPU. With such a performance boost, World Creator is able to generate terrains with a resolution of up to 8192 by 8192 pixels in realtime.

(Requires Windows with a DirectX 11 Capable Graphics Card)

  • Create High Resolution Terrains

The maximum possible resolution for Unity Terrains is 4096 by 4096 pixels but World Creator takes it to a new level and enables you to create resolutions up to 8192 by 8192 pixels for a single Unity Terrain.

  • Randomized Terrain Generation

Create an unlimited range of random terrains with a single click or use it to slightly modify imported terrains randomly  giving each terrain a unqiue shape.

  • Realtime Sculpting Capabilities

Simply paint your own terrain shape and let World Creator transform it into a real looking terrain. You want a volcano on one side and a smaller mountain on the other side? No problem - just paint it.

  • 100% Compatible to All Other Terrain Assets in Unity Asset Store

World Creator creates a 100% Unity Terrain and is therefore 100% compatible to all other terrain assets in the Unity Asset Store such as Distingo, Relief Terrain Pack, SpeedTree, World Streamer, and any other.

  • Create Roads and Rivers

Use splines to create highly adjustable roads and rivers for your terrain. 

  • Modify Terrain at Specific Locations and Areas

Sometimes it is very useful to modify the terrain at a specific location within a specific radius, especially if you are placing buildings and you want your terrain to have a specific height. World Creator offers a highly flexible modification system for such reasons.

  • Unlimited Terrain Tiling Capabilities

Create vast landscapes using the powerful tiling capabilities of World Creator. With the Professional Version you can create as many tiles you want, in any direction. Each terrain tile has its own settings and you can combine tiles with different terrain filters to create larger biome areas.

  • Splitting Terrains Into Tiles

In addition to the tiling capabilities of World Creator you can also split a single Terrain tile into multiple Terrain tiles.

  • Procedural Distribution of Terrain Filters

Terrain Filters are used to create a specific type of terrain such as Canyon and Terrace. They also can be used to apply specific operations to the terrain such as Erosion and Sedimentation. Additionally they can be utilized to transform an existing terrain (e.g. real world data) into something totally different (e.g. Himalaya to Grand Canyon).

Terrain Filters can be combined, reordered and distributed in 3D depending on several criteria such as terrain height-range, terrain-slope, mean sea level, masks, and the powerful Level Strength Settings. World Creators Terrain Filters are the most powerful on the market and they create the most realistic terrains ever seen in games, movies and artworks.

  • Realtime Erosions
    (PROFESSIONAL VERSION ONLY is realtime capable, else CPU)

World Creator is the first Terrain Generator that is capable of creating Erosions in realtime. Usually, such calculations take up to multiple minutes for a single generation process and increases drastically when applied on higher resolutions.

  • Realtime Sedimentation

World Creator is the first Terrain Generator that is capable of creating Sedimentation in realtime. Usually, such calculations take up to multiple minutes for a single generation process and increases drastically when applied on higher resolutions.

  • Create Biomes with Terrain Masks

Create Biomes using the powerful Terrain Masks system of World Creator. Terrain Masks contain Terrain Filters and can be reordered giving you different and unique results.

  • Realtime Editable Terrain Masks

The realtime editable Terrain Masks feature allows you to create biomes in realtime and see changes instantly, increasing productivity.

  • Realtime Editable Texture Masks, Object Masks, and Mesh Masks

Create and edit masks in realtime for texture-, object- and mesh distribution. You do not have to switch to another application but do it directly inside World Creator.

  • Realtime Perlin Noise Mask Generator

You do not have to paint a noise map using the editable mask feature of World Creator but use the integrated and flexible Perlin noise generator for quickly creating noise masks that can be used to distribute textures, objects, details and meshes.

  • Procedural Distribution of Textures

Procedurally Distribute textures on your terrain with many different  settings such as terrain slope-range, terrain slope-range smoothness, terrain height-range, terrain height-range smoothness, cavity, mean sea level, sun direction, global noise, height noise, color pick, masks, weight, tiling, offset, and many more.

  • Procedural Distribution of Objects, Details and Meshes

Procedurally Distribute 2D and 3D objects such as trees, rocks, stones, grass, bushes, buildings and more on your terrain with many different  settings such as color, rotation, bounding radius, height range, terrain slope-range, terrain slope-range smoothness, terrain height-range, terrain height-range smoothness, terrain cavity, mean sea level, sun direction, global noise, height noise, color pick, masks, occurence, density, texture dependent, and many more.

  • Realtime Heatmap Visualizers

Realtime heatmap visualizers help you to quickly see what parts of the terrain will be affected while adjusting World Creator settings such as masks, terrain filters, textures, objects and more. They serve as indicators making terrain design more comfortable and fast especially if GPU and realtime terrain generation is not available for your system or license.

  • Control the Whole Generation Process

Take control of the overall generation process and detemine what you want to include or exclude from generation (e.g. terrain, textures, objects and more). This enables you to save a lot of time especially if GPU and realtime terrain generation is not available for your system or license.

  • Save, Load and Share Terrains

Every terrain you create can be saved to a XML file as a preset. That preset can be loaded to reconstruct exactly the terrain you have saved previously. Additionally you can share them with others who own World Creator. You do not need to save a huge terrain asset but instead a simple and small XML file.

  • Import Capabilities

Import external Terrain Heightmaps (e.g. real world data) as PNG, RAW (8 / 16 bit) files into Unity and use them as Input Terrains for World Creator to enhance or transform them into something different.

  • Export Capabilities

Export any kind of data you created such as terrain heightmaps, global color maps, masks, heatmaps, splatmaps, objects, details and meshes.

Terrain heightmaps can be exported as OBJ, RAW (8 / 16 bit), JPG, and PNG files. All exported data can be further utilized in any other application such as Unity, Unreal, CRY Engine, 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D, and more.

  • Tons of Ready to Use Assets Included

The World Creator package includes tons of ready to use and royalty free assets such as 100 textures from GameTextures.com, 9 stones from Photoreal Stones Pack, 3 rocks from Real Rocks Vol. III, 9 gradient textures, 7 trees from Full Mountain Tree Pack, 5 beautiful grass and flower textures from Turboscalpeur and 7 different heightmaps.


  • Rivers and Lakes Filter

Create rivers and lakes by placing springs on your terrain and let World Creator calculate a realistic river starting at those springs.

  • New Tiling System

Create vast landscapes with any size and any resolution regardless of what the capabilities of the Unity Terrain are. The new tiling system will not further handle each tile seperately but as a single large terrain.

This new system is already utilized in the standalone versions of World Creator. Download the BETA after your purchase and test it on your own.

  • Layers and Areas

Use layers and areas to define specific regions on your terrain which can be fully utilized by all features of World Creator (Terrain Filters, Textures, Objects, Sculpting, Blending and a lot more). Both are fully realtime capable and already available in the current BETA of the standalone version of World Creator.







  • Everything is Realtime

Realtime Terrain Generation, Realtime Texturing, Realtime Object Placement, Realtime Terraforming - everything is realtime

  • GPU Powered Generation

World Creator does not support CPU generation anymore but fully supports GPU generation which is at least 1000 times faster than on the CPU. Everything is created within milliseconds.

  • Terrain Filters

A powerful set of Terrain Filters such as Canyons, Terraces, Mountain Ridges, Cratered Moons, Hills, Cross Hills, Mountains, Valleys, Erosions, Sediments, and so much more you can start creating the most beautifuly and most realistic terrains and landscapes ever seen.

  • Procedural Texturing

Texturize (colorize) your terrain with the most advanced procedural techniques nowadays (e.g. cavity, gravity, slope range, height range, smoothness, masks, areas, perlin noise, and so much more).

World Creator ships with many beautiful textures from GameTextures.com and MegaScans.

  • Procedural Object Placement

Plant trees, bushes, grass, rocks, stones, mushrooms, and whatever you can imagine of to create a lively landscape with an incredible high detail, look, and feel. A powerful set of procedural techniques will make it as easy as breathtaking to populate your terrain with 3D and 2D objects of any kind.

  • Layers and Areas

Define custom areas to create biomes and other specific parts of your terrain. Areas can be utilized by Terrain Filters, Texturing, Object Placement, Terraforming and anything else that directly affects your terrain.

Propably the most powerful application for areas is the ability to design your own terrain shape – create mountains and valleys of any kind by sculpting the terrain by hand and let World Creator do the rest making it looking real. You even can import any existing terrain data such as RAW files and PNG files or any other DEM file to further modify it with World Creator!

  • Terraforming

Transform any terrain into something totally different or form it yourself by hand. Create a mountain at a location of your choice and place it wherever you want. Be God and create a world of your own.

  • Erosion and Sedimentation

World Creator is well known for its realistic Erosion and Sedimentation system. Both create the most realistic results ever seen and processed by terrain generators.

But World Creator takes it to a completely another level because it is the first Terrain Generator that is capable of performing such complex and heavy performance operations in REALTIME.

  • Truly Unlimited Detail

World Creator has no limits in terrain size nor terrain resolution. The only limit is your HDD / SSD. Create ultra large and vast terrains with a precision of 1 m per pixel.

It is not required to create power-of-two terrain sizes anymore – create whatever size you want - truly powerful, truly unlimited detail.

  • Road and River Tools

Create roads and rivers by hand or procedurally. Place springs on your terrain and see how World Creator forms rivers, seas and lakes.

  • Integrated Real World Data Browser

With the integrated real world data browser you can select among 16 providers and 88 map types to download and directly import real world data into World Creator.

  • Import and Export Data

Import real world data you have created with another tool (e.g. RAW 8 bit, RAW 16 bit, RAW 24 bit, RAW 32 bit, PNG, JPG, BMP) or use the the integrated real world data browser of World Creator.

Export all the content you have created such as heightmaps, blendmaps, splatmaps, objects, details, flowmaps, heatmaps, areas and more - everything can be exported.

  • Integrated Documentation

The completely integrated documentation together with video tutorials will make it as easy as only possible for you to get started right away.

  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Create AAA quality renderings in realtime.

  • Control Every Aspect of your Scene

Atmospheric Scattering, Sun Movement, Clouds, Sky Color, Water, Wind and so much more – you have full control over everything.

  • Virtual Reality Mode

Put your VR headset on and discover your created world as if you were there – in Virtual Reality. Walk along a cratered moon, stand on the top of Olympus Mons or climb up the Mount Everest. Explore the Grand Canyon or relax at the beach of a tropical island.

Use the Vive or Oculus controllers to play God, creating your own world.